Women Living On Purpose…
Our Main Focus Is Domestic Violence/Abuse

Women Living On Purpose
“Our main focus is Domestic Violence/Abuse”…….He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds (Psalm 147:3 KJV).

Vision: To Spiritually connect and reconstruct the minds and hearts of individuals affected by Domestic Violence/Abuse, within the community to empower, uplift, motivate, and strengthen lives to establish new and existing relationships beginning with self, in the home, church, workplace, community, and in the world as a whole.

Mission: For every individual to heal and restore minds, hearts, and lives and establish healthy relationships beginning with self, in the home, community, and in the world as a whole.

Purpose: “Our Purpose” is to help as many individuals throughout the community to spiritually heal from all forms of abuse, and, or all shortcomings for becoming PERSPICACIOUS, POWERFUL, and PROSPEROUS over their situations to live HEALTHY and PURPOSEFUL lives through spiritual workshops and guest speakers, support groups, outings, yearly retreats, and more.


Founder & CEO of Women Living On Purpose

20160109_163326-1_editedRanda Copeland is a single 45 year old mother of 5 sons and a native of Marietta, Ga., who is the Founder & CEO of Women Living On Purpose.
She is a “Survivor” and “Victor” of 15 years of all forms of Domestic Violence & Abuse and now serves wholeheartedly in her community with compassion and dedication as an Advocate Against Domestic Violence.

Randa is also a Spirit Filled and True Woman Of God who loves and serves the Lord and dedicates her heart and time in the Prison Ministry of her church-Word Of Faith Family Cathedral/Bishop Dale C. Bronner, in Austell, Georgia.

Randa has volunteered over 15 years with many schools, churches, teen camps, and senior citizen centers along with other organizations within the communities.

Randa is devoted in being the positive change in her community with hopes of seeing the communities change for the better.


Women Living On Purpose Event Coordinator

Tyra Doster_editedMy name is Tyra Doster.  I grew up the youngest, and only girl of four boys. Accustomed to being around primarily adults, I was always mature for my age.  I had a lot of people who invested in me, and I excelled at most of my many and varied hobbies.  I excelled throughout my school years graduating from two of the top national accredited schools which are Drew Charter Middle School and Tech High School.  Both schools from first graduating classes of 2004 and 2008.  Thereafter, I attended the best HBCU in the nation, Tuskegee University, graduating in 2014 with my masters in Occupational Therapy.  During this marvelous time in my life, God blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Journe.  She is now 2 years old.  Now becoming a single mom, I’m driven not only to do great things for myself, but to spur my daughter on to even greater ones.  I continue to challenge myself daily with learning new ways to become a better mother and role model, not only for my daughter, but for other young adults as well.  I keep my faith in God who gives me favor to speak life and give encouraging words to other individuals in need of guidance.  I’m continuing to grow spiritually every day.  I’m not done making a mark in this world.  I am the definition of a women living for a purpose to maintain stability in our youth, adolescents, and young adults to unite, motivate, and strengthen each other to become better individuals in spirit and in health. This quote has always stood out to me best by James Baldwin: “The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.” The moment my daughter entered this world, I knew I had ACHEIVED it. Praise Jesus!